Ramping up Research and Creative Activities at App

As of June 16, 2020, we are entering the second phase of a three-phase plan to resume research and creative activities that were interrupted because of the Covid-19 pandemic and to continue with new ones. The plan, “Ramping up Research and Creative Activity at App State– App Phase II” mirrors an approach many other universities in the nation are taking and expands allowable research and creative activities in a phased manner. 

During this phase, allowable activities are expanded as described in the Ramping up Research and Creative Activity Plan linked above. Faculty or staff members need to register their projects through the InfoReady portal and also complete COVID -19 specific training modules to receive approval. 

Please note that this plan specifically addresses existing activities that were disrupted due to the restrictions resulting from the stay-at-home order and reduced access to campus and university properties and new activities that require access to on and off campus facilities. Those activities that can be done remotely in a virtual environment or by digital means and were not disrupted can continue as before and do not need to be registered.

Registration and approval information:

  • While you wait for approval, please complete two online modules, Pandemic: Slowing the Spread and Disinfecting the Works Place for COVID -19.  VPR will verify course completion prior to granting final approval. Please see this link for instructions.

  • For registration, you will need to:

    • Describe how your research and creative activity fits in with allowable categories.

    • Provide a risk mitigation plan which addresses safety precautions (social distancing measures, precautions specific to field research, office and lab spaces, disinfection protocols). Guidance and more information is provided here.

    • Provide a contingency plan to ramp down activity if conditions worsen and restrictions are increased.

  • Faculty members will submit registrations for both undergraduate and graduate students. Students need to sign and submit a document stating they are willingly resuming their scholarly activity and also identify an additional faculty member they can contact should a conflict arise. (Please find forms for undergraduate students here and graduate students here).

  • All faculty and staff must certify in the registration application that all personnel (faculty, staff, and students included) will abide by the safety precautions in the attached risk mitigation plan.

  • Registration to resume activities will be reviewed by the Department Chair, Dean of the College or designated Associate Dean, and by the VPR for final approval. Once approved and completion of training verified, VPR will notify the faculty member, Department Chair and the Dean/designated Associate Dean as well as facility directors as needed. Please see a flow chart of the process here.

Examples of Phase II Research: 

  • Field research that involves data collection on campus (Boone creek, Nature Preserve etc.) or off campus university property (Blackburn Vannoy, Gilley etc.)  as well as locations within the state.

  • On campus research that involves time-sensitive data collection, longitudinal studies, research required for completion of grant work that has a reporting and/or end date within six months, books or other contracts etc.

  • COVID-19-related research 

  • Faculty scholarship that cannot be done remotely and where further delay would significantly impede the scholarly progress of the faculty member.

  • Faculty scholarship where access to offices, studios, and other creative spaces on a limited basis is necessary to move forward scholarly efforts where delay would impact the overall success of the project(s).

  • Graduate student research that would affect time-to-degree if not resumed. 

  • A small number of faculty-led undergraduate student research may be approved that have strict deadlines or other time-critical aspects (students must have previous experience, no new undergraduate students may be trained during this phase). 

Information on shared facilities:

  • Some shared facilities will be opening during App Phase II. Additional requirements will be in place to use these facilities. Library will remain closed during this phase until further notice.

  • Vivarium research requires additional training that needs to be completed before approval to resume research is granted.  More information can be found here.

  • Microscopy facility will be open, but will operate at reduced capacity. Please see this link for more information. 


Please email vpr@appstate.edu with any questions about the plan or the registration. For technical help with the registration, email Katie Howard howardks1@appstate.edu