Start and Manage Projects

  • Post-award processes are triggered by the notification email from Sponsored Programs that the proposal has been officially awarded and accepted.
  • Special Funds Accounting establishes a 55XXXX fund number to account for the projects revenues and expenses and sends a Fund Authority Form to the PI/PD for signatures.
  • Sponsored Programs sets up a new award meeting, if applicable.
  • Special Funds sets up the budget in Banner.

There are multiple ways to find the fund number assigned to your project:

  • Log on to AGrants, and view your award under My Awards. Your Banner fund number is listed under the heading "Prime Account".
  • Log on to ePrint, and view the report FZRAORGHIER. Under your department, your Banner fund will be listed. Contract and grant funds always begin with "5".
  • Look on the Fund Authority Form, in the box on the lower left. This form is sent for signatures when the new fund is established. Always keep a copy for your grant file.
  • Call or email your departmental administrator or Special Funds Accounting contact.

Forward the award materials to Sponsored Programs. Sponsored Programs will start the process to that will lead to the set-up of the fund.

Most sponsors allow PIs to re-budget up to 10% of the total budget. However, no new budget categories or line items may be created, and often participant support dollars cannot be reduced. If you are budgeting above the allowed limit or are creating new budget categories, prior approval from the sponsor is required. Please contact Special Funds Accounting for your specific budget revisions.

As with preparing and submitting a grant proposal, there are several procedures you will need to follow first. If award materials from the sponsor come to you instead of Sponsored Programs, please forward them immediately to your contact person in Sponsored Programs. Sometimes grant awards come with contracts or agreements. Your contact person in Sponsored Programs will review the terms and conditions and make sure the University can comply with them—and, if not, will negotiate changes with the sponsor.

Please note: Only authorized representatives can sign grant agreements and contracts on behalf of the University. Individual faculty and staff are not authorized to provide these signatures. Click here for more information on who can provide these signatures.

Once Sponsored Programs has processed your award, you will be contacted about setting up a New Award Meeting with both your contact person in Sponsored Programs and Special Funds Accounting (SFA). Your department/office administrative assistant will also be invited. At that time, you will provide SFA with the information they need to set up an account (or fund) for your sponsored funds.

Any final cash balances, positive or negative, must be resolved before a grant fund can be inactivated. If there are unspent funds, that money will be returned to the sponsor. Residual balances of fixed price contracts are closed in accordance with related procedures.

No-cost extensions lengthen the period of performance beyond the original expiration date in order to finish a project. Most federal agencies allow the institution to add up to one year to the final year of a research grant (not contract), so long as there is timely notification to the sponsor. You must provide a justification for the extension, which cannot be granted simply to spend out remaining dollars.

Plan ahead if a no-cost extension will be needed! Sponsors often require prior approval or have deadlines for requesting no-cost extensions. Call your contact person in Special Funds Accounting as soon as you anticipate the need for an extension.

Pre-award costs are any project-related costs incurred before a sponsored project officially begins. Some sponsors allow pre-award costs 90 days prior to the official start date, and others do not allow them at all. Some sponsors will issue a special agreement allowing pre-award costs beginning a certain time before your project begins, especially if there is an unexpected delay in setting up the official award. Ask your contact person in Sponsored Programs or Special Funds Accounting if your particular project allows these costs.