Contact Information Area
Dr. Ece Karatan

Dr. Ece Karatan, Ph.D.

Vice Provost for Research
(828) 262-8557

Ms. Kate Hoffman

Executive Assistant
382 John E. Thomas Hall
(828) 262-7459
  • Business and financial manager for the Office of Research

Grants Resources & Services

Contact Information Area
Karen Fletcher

Ms. Karen Fletcher

Director of Grants Resources & Services
385 John E. Thomas Hall
(828) 262-7789

Contact Karen for information about:

  • PREPARE (PREParation for Appalachian Research Experiences) research mentoring programs
  • Professional development opportunities related to grantsmanship and extramural funding
  • Strategies and resources for developing competitive proposals
  • Consultations to refine project ideas into fundable topics
  • Editorial assistance with grant proposal narratives
  • Collaborative initiatives between Appalachian State University faculty and staff and their counterparts at other institutions and agencies
Katie Howard

Ms. Katie Howard

Associate Director, Grants Resources & Services
386 John E. Thomas Hall
(828) 262-8123

Contact Katie for information about:

  • Applying for limited submission competitions 
  • Applying for internal grants
  • Obtaining sample proposals and other grant writing resources
  • Editorial assistance with grant proposal narratives
  • Second language editorial assistance with grant proposal narratives
  • Consultations to refine project ideas into fundable topics
  • Professional development opportunities related to grantsmanship and extramural funding
  • International research programs assistance

Sponsored Programs

Contact Information Area

Ms. Charna Howson

Director of Sponsored Programs
384 John E. Thomas Hall
(828) 262-7311

Contact Charna for information about:

Ms. Roxie White

Senior Sponsored Programs Manager
380 John E. Thomas Hall
(828) 262-2694

Contact Roxie for information about:

Ms. Yingqi Wang

eBusiness and Sponsored Programs Manager
382 John E. Thomas Hall
(828) 262-2165

Contact Yingqi for information about:

Ms. Kerri McCaffrey

Manager: Sponsored Programs & Conflict of Interest
381 John Thomas Hall
(828) 262-6583

Contact Kerri for information about:

Mrs. Vivian Meadows

Sponsored Programs Manager
381 John E. Thomas Hall
(828) 262-8669

Contact Vivian for information about:

Mr. Paul Wilson

(828) 262-8249

Contact Paul for information about:

Research Protections

Contact Information Area
Nathanael Krancus

Mr. Nathanael Krancus

Associate Director & IRB Adminstrator
382 John E. Thomas Hall
(828) 262-7459

Contact Nathanael for information about:

  • Policies and procedures for research compliance topics
  • IRB process and submissions
  • CITI training registration/course selection
  • Workshops/class visits/training on IRB

Ms. Shante' Mathes

Acting Director, Research Protections
Coordinator of IACUC & IBC Programs
376 John E. Thomas Hall
(828) 262-2901

Contact Shante' for information about:

  • Animal research, teaching or demonstration regulations
  • IACUC process and submissions
  • Recombinant DNA research regulations
  • IBC process and submissions
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) questions
  • CITI training registration/course selection for research using animals or rDNA

Mr. Dennis Gabriels

374 John Thomas Hall
(828) 262-2721

Contact Dennis for information about:

  • IRB application assistance
  • CITI training questions
  • Conflicts of Interest (COI) Annual Disclosure process 
  • Export Controls Questions 

Research Data Analysis

Contact Information Area
Dr. Twila Wingrove

Dr. Twila Wingrove, Ph.D.

Director of Research Data Analysis
210 Plemmons Student Union
(828) 262-2477

Contact Twila for information about:

  • Study design/methodology
  • Power analyses
  • Data management/archiving plans
  • Data analysis
  • Writing results sections