Research & Creative Activity at Appalachian Event

Research & Creative Activity at Appalachian is an annual event that celebrates all research, scholarship and creative endeavors of Appalachian faculty and staff. The event consists of sessions during which faculty and staff present oral presentations, posters, art pieces and performances. The event includes an awards ceremony for the Chancellor's and Provost's Awards for Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity.

2022 Research & Creative Activity at Appalachian List of Presentations

2022 Presentations:

The following presentations took place 10/21/22 in Belk Library & Information Commons:

Rural Resilience & Innovation (RRI) Seed Grant Presentations

Hosted by Mark Bradbury, Ph.D., Associate Dean of College of Arts & Sciences

  • Tammy Kowalczyk, Ph.D. (Accounting): Expanding Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Employment for Veterans Through Community Partnerships
  • Cameron Lippard, Ph.D. (Sociology): Addiction and Recovery in Rural Western North Carolina: A community-based project
  • Jay Rickabaugh, Ph.D. (Government & Justice Studies) and Jennifer Luetkemeyer, Ph.D. (Leadership & Educational Studies): Regional Public Sector Organizations and Their Roles in Rural Broadband Deployment
  • Julie Shepherd-Powell, Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Studies) and Savannah Murray, Ph.D. (English): Grassroots Sustainability and Resiliency in Appalachia: Protecting regional watersheds and growing local/global environmental knowledge
  • Rebecca Turpin, Ph.D. (Nursing): Assessing Influencing Factors of Resilience and Quality of Life in Rural Registered Nurses in North Carolina

Viewing Community and Resilience Through Student Eyes
Ashley Carpenter, Ph.D. (Leadership & Educational Studies)

Informing Our Practice: A study of faculty expectations around undergraduate research
Breanne Crumpton (Belk Library & Information Commons), Mark Coltrain (Belk Library & Information Commons) and Emma Sobczak Schell (Belk Library & Information Commons)

A Community Based Participatory Research Approach for Recruiting and Retaining Underrepresented Students in Communication Science & Disorders
Jennifer Dalton, Ph.D. (Communication Sciences & Disorders) and Joseph Klein, Ph.D. (Communication Sciences & Disorders)

Including Internalization in a Secondary Science Methods Course for Preservice High School Teachers
Khadija Fouad, Ph.D. (Biology)

Ultrasound Study of Articulation Patterns in Speech
Stefan Frisch, Ph.D. (Communication Sciences & Disorders), Anna Garvey (Communication Sciences & Disorders) and Carrie Hutchinson (Communication Sciences & Disorders)

Impact of an mHealth Intervention Among Rural, Low-Income Spanish and English Speaking Participants
Jamie Griffin, Ph.D. (Nutrition & Healthcare Management)

Assessing Biometrics, Nutritional Behaviors and Sleep Behaviors Following Implementation of mHealth in College Students
Jamie Griffin, Ph.D. (Nutrition & Healthcare Management)

Awareness of Oppression and Privilege Among BSW Students in an Appalachian Social Work Program
Leah Hamilton, Ph.D. (Social Work), Rachel Wright, Ph.D. (Social Work) and Tynecca Lynch, Ph.D. (Social Work)

Tiny Triassic Microvertebrate Fossils from Across Pangea: A Fulbright Flex Award-funded research experience
Andrew Heckert, Ph.D. (Geological & Environmental Sciences)

A Point-of-Decision Prompt to Encourage Physical Distancing on Multi-Use Trails During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Adam Hege, Ph.D. (Health & Exercise Science)

RIEEE + Center-Led Research Activities

  • Christine Hendren, Ph.D. (Director of RIEEE and Professor in Geological & Environmental Sciences): Science and Technologies for Phosphorus Sustainability (STEPS) Threads at Appalachian - TBL thinking, convergence research and multidisciplinary student research experiences
  • Ash Morgan, Ph.D. (Director of CERPA and Professor in Economics): Measuring the Economic Impact of New Office Space in Boone, NC
  • Jamie Russell, Ph.D. (Director of AEC and Professor in Sustainable Technology & the Built Environment): Solar + Storage Pilot for Low to Moderate Income Households in the High Country

FY22 CONCERT Showcase

Hosted by Christine Hendren, Ph.D., Director of RIEEE and Professor in Geological & Environmental Sciences

  • Kevin Gamble (Sustainable Technology & the Built Environment): Effective Community Composting
  • Tammy Kowalczyk, Ph.D. (Director of the Appalachian Impact Clinic and Professor in Accounting): Comparing policy options for increasing participation and investment in forest carbon in Southern Appalachia

Appalachian State Students Count Carbon
Gregg Marland, Ph.D. (Geological & Environmental Sciences)

A Shock to the System: Using clinical electrical stimulation to rewire the brain after injury
Alan Needle, Ph.D. (Health & Exercise Science)

Drum Refuge Expression Sessions: Gateways into mindfulness and creative expression
Jonathan Priest (Belk Library & Information Commons), with collaborators

Support Amid Uncertainty: Long COVID Illness Experiences and the Role of Online Communities
David Russell (Sociology)

Chemical and Rheological Characterization of Bio-Oil Modified Asphalt Binder
Sharareh Shirzad, Ph.D. (Sustainable Technology & the Built Environment)

Story Family: Expressive arts-based research for learning about social and environmental justice
Heather Thorp, Social Work

Public Health Think Tank
Jennifer Tyson, Health & Exercise Science, Maggie Sugg, Ph.D. (Geography & Planning), Manan Roy, Ph.D. (Nutrition & Healthcare Management) and Adam Hege, Ph.D. (Public Health)

Supporting Health Equity (SHE) Collaborative
Jennifer Tyson (Health & Exercise Science), Sydeena Isaacs, Ph.D. (Nutrition & Healthcare Management) and Ashley Parks, Ph.D. (Nutrition & Healthcare Management)

The Use of a QCPR Race Interactive Game to Improve CPR Self-Confidence and Competence
Heather Venrick, Ph.D. (Nursing) with Lee Wittman (Nursing)

Creative Nonfiction Reading: "If You See Something"
Susan Weinberg (English)

Previous Research & Creative Activity at Appalachian Events

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