Cayuse Implementation Information

(last updated: 5/2/2022)

The Office of Research is currently in the process of transitioning to a new electronic research administration system called Cayuse. Cayuse is a superior platform that will allow us to integrate information from all of our programs in one location, streamlining workflow and improving the experience of users across campus. Cayuse will replace AGrants (proposal submissions), AIR (conflict of interest disclosures), and IRBIS (human subjects research protocols), which are being phased out throughout academic year (2021-2022).  Cayuse will also have additional modules for management of research protocols involving animals and recombinant DNA as well as effort reporting and management of award funds. Log in to Cayuse at this link. Please also see FAQs for Cayuse for more information.

Planned roll out dates of modules:

  1. Outside Interests (Conflicts of Interest, replaces AIR): July 1, 2021

  2. Human Ethics (Human Subjects Research/ IRB, replaces IRBIS): April 2022

  3. Sponsored Projects/Proposals (replaces AGrants): May 2022

  4. Animal Oversight (new module for Animal research/IACUC): May 2022

  5. Hazard Safety (new module for Recombinant DNA and Biosafety research/IBC): May 2022

  6. Fund Manager (new module for award fund management): June 2022

  7. Effort Reporting (new module): June 2022

    Information for Human Ethics (Human Subjects Research)

    New submissions as of May 2, 2022.

    Submissions prior to May 2, 2022.

    • Existing applications are accessible in IRBIS through May 31, 2022. IRBIS will no longer be available after May 31, 2022.
    • Shell data (PI, title of study, etc.) has been transferred to Cayuse for most existing studies, but attachments or detailed responses to questions have not.
    • Legacy data from IRBIS will be archived and available, but difficult to access. We STRONGLY recommend transferring and archiving your data from IRBIS before May 31, 2022. Guidance documents on how to download study information from IRBIS for existing studies are found here.
    • Users can transfer study data themselves to ensure accuracy of the information transfer, or Office of Research staff are available to transfer the data on your behalf provided you review the information for accuracy once it is transferred. Please contact Research Protections at if you need assistance with transfer.
    • In order to upload attachments to Cayuse, you need to first fill out a short form called a legacy form. Please see guidance on submitting a legacy form in Cayuse and uploading attachments.

 Training Information for Human Ethics (Human Subjects Research/ IRB)

  • On demand training sessions: If you are interested in arranging a training session for a group, please contact Dennis Gabriels at

Training Information for Outside Interests (Conflict of Interest)

Every faculty member and EHRA Non-Faculty employee of the University is required to complete an annual Disclosure Form relating to conflicts of interest or commitment.

  • On demand training sessions: If you are interested in arranging a training session for a group, please contact Dennis Gabriels at

Please contact if you have any questions regarding Cayuse implementation. Please be sure to also check FAQ for Cayuse.