Write a Proposal

Yes, we have numerous successful proposals on file. If you would like a sample proposal for a program or sponsor we do not already have on file, just contact Grants Resources & Services. We can obtain sample proposals for most federal programs and some foundations.

Principal Investigators, Program Directors, or Project Directors are the individual(s) designated by the applicant organization to have the appropriate level of authority and responsibility to direct the project or program to be supported by the award. Appalachian may designate multiple individuals as principal investigators who share the authority and responsibility for leading and directing the project, intellectually and logistically. At Appalachian only faculty and staff are eligible to serve as Principal Investigator, Program Director, or Project Director.

If the call for proposals or agency website gives program officer or other official contact information, by all means contact that person early in your proposal preparation process. You should be able to learn valuable information that may save you time and give you a better chance of being funded. Waiting too late in the proposal preparation process can result in not having time to fix a problem or in not being able to reach the program officer.

Computers on campus are equipped with the ability to convert files to PDFs.

  1. Click File and then Print.
  2. Change Printer to Adobe PDF.
  3. Click Print.
  4. A window will prompt you to save the file as a PDF.

This is specific to federally-funded projects; usually listed near the beginning of the guidelines/RFP (Request for Proposals), or you may find it at https://www.cfda.gov/. The format is ##.### where the first 2 numbers identify the federal agency (i.e., 84 is always the US Department of Education), and the last 3 digits identify the program. Alpha-numeric characters may be included to designate areas of program emphasis.

Generally, this will only apply to a federally-funded project, though some foundations use it also; will be included in the guidelines.

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You may be asked to attach proof of Appalachian's tax-exempt status. Please call your department's contact person in Sponsored Programs for a current copy.