August 2019 Issue of Research Development & Grant Writing News

The August 2019 issue of Research Development & Grantwriting News is now available (AppState login required).

Research Development & Grantwriting News is a monthly newsletter produced by Academic Research Funding Strategies. Featured topics in the current issue include:

  • Finding Funding in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Part 2
    Our humanities expert, Kate Kelly, reviews a recent book by Raphael B. Folsom, How to Get Grant Money in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • How to Analyze a DARPA BAA
    We discuss general steps to analyzing Broad Agency Announcements from DARPA.

  • Tips for Effective Proposal Graphics
    Effective graphics are often key to a strong proposal, but many PIs don’t take full advantage of the power of graphics. We discuss how to make strong graphics for proposals.

  • NSF ECR Proposal Preparation Web Seminar
    We summarize the main points of the webinar presented by NSF’s Directorate of Education and Human Resources on the EHR Core Research STEM Learning and Learning Environments, Broadening Participation, and Workforce Development program.

  • USDA Report on the Key Role of Technology Transfer in Funded Proposals
    USDA recently published the 407-page FY2018 Annual Report on Technology Transfer. We discuss this report.

  • The Schedule and Task Assignment Table for Proposal Production
    We discuss how to develop a Schedule and Task Assignment Table to facilitate timely proposal production. (reprinted)






Published: Aug 19, 2019 11:44am