August 2021 Issue of Research Development & Grant Writing News

The August 2021 issue of Research Development & Grant Writing News is now available. (AppState login required)

Research Development & Grantwriting News is a monthly newsletter published by Academic Research Funding Strategies. It contains good advice for academic grant writers, both about general proposal development skills and about specific agencies and programs. Back issues are listed on the Grants Resources & Services page.

Featured topics in the current issue include:

  • Topics of Interest URLs
  • Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts Funding Opportunities and News
  • Proposal Writing in the Humanities: Theoretical Orientation and Significance
  • Does Your Research Narrative Require a Description of Stakeholder Engagement?
  • So You've Submitted Your CAREER Proposal: What Now?
  • EPA's Got Its Mojo Back!
  • Organizing Your  Response to Reviewers' Comments on Resubmittals
  • Make Your Case for Value-Added Benefits (Reprinted from August 2015)
  • Research Grant Writing Web Resources
  • Educational Grant Writing Web Resources
  • Agency Research News
  • Agency Reports, Workshops & Roadmaps
  • New Funding Opportunities
  • About Academic Research Funding Strategies
Published: Aug 16, 2021 11:11am