Funding Opportunities for Business & Economics at Appalachian State

Business and Economics Funding Opportunities

The following funding opportunities are available to support business and economics research and scholarly activity. Sign into Pivot, Appalachian State's subscription funding database, to see additional details about any of the opportunities listed here, or contact for more information.

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Business & Economics

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 Limited  Partnerships for Innovation (PFI)
Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships (IIP)
07 May 2024
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The Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) Program within the Division of Translational Impacts (TI) offers researchers from all disciplines of science and engineering funded by NSF the opportunity to perform translational research and technology development, catalyze partnerships and accelerate the…
Research on the Language and Messaging of Prevention and Responsible Gambling Programs
International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG)
03 Jun 2024
The International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) invites investigators to apply for a three-year grant to study the impact of safer gambling messaging including its impact on gambling behavior and use of responsible gambling tools. The field of addictions has long recognized the power of…
Accountable Institutions and Behavior
Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE)
15 Aug 2024
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The Accountable Institutions and Behavior (AIB) Program supports basic scientific research that advances knowledge and understanding of issues broadly related to attitudes, behavior, and institutions connected to public policy and the provision of public services. Research proposals are expected to…
Decision, Risk and Management Sciences (DRMS)
National Science Foundation (NSF)
18 Aug 2024
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The Decision, Risk and Management Sciences program supports scientific research directed at increasing the understanding and effectiveness of decision making by individuals, groups, organizations, and society. Disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, doctoral dissertation research improvement…
Economics Program
National Science Foundation (NSF)
18 Aug 2024
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The Economics program supports research designed to improve the understanding of the processes and institutions of the U.S. economy and of the world system of which it is a part. This program also strengthens both empirical and theoretical economic analysis as well as the methods for rigorous…
Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics (MMS)
Division of Social and Economic Sciences (SES)
29 Aug 2024
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The Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics (MMS) Program is an interdisciplinary program in the Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences that supports the development of innovative analytical and statistical methods and models for those sciences. MMS seeks proposals that are…
Science of Organizations (SoO)
Division of Social and Economic Sciences (SES)
03 Sep 2024
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Organizations - private and public, established and entrepreneurial, designed and emergent, formal and informal, profit and nonprofit - are critical to the well-being of nations and their citizens. They are of crucial importance for producing goods and services, creating value, providing jobs, and…
Grant Program
Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation
10 Sep 2024
For over 70 years, the Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation, Inc. has supported efforts to raise the nation’s level of economic literacy. Working with and funding a variety of institutions the Foundation has projects ranging from the development of National curriculum guides and standards for…
Economic Development RNTA
United States Department of Commerce (DOC)
EDA provides strategic investments on a competitive merit basis to support economic development, foster job creation, and attract private investment in economically distressed areas of the United States. Under this NOFO, EDA solicits applications from applicants in order to provide investments that…
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
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The purpose of the program is to provide public goods, including fundamental research, conceptual breakthroughs, and technical advances, that inclusively strengthen and accelerate U.S. economic progress. Grants made in this program are especially:
  • Policy relevant, but neither “policy research” nor…
Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance Programs
Economic Development Administration (EDA)
Awards made under this NOFO will assist communities and regions in devising and implementing long-term economic development efforts through a variety of non-construction and construction projects. Through this NOFO EDA intends to advance general economic development in accordance with EDA’s…
Sponsored Research Program
Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI)
We invite proposals from scholars both within and outside the field of project management, and/or its sub-fields, whose themes and perspectives have direct application to some aspect of the project management body of knowledge or its practice.
While this is an open call for research in the field…

Published: Apr 3, 2024 1:12pm