July 2019 Issue of Research Development & Grant Writing News

The July 2019 issue of Research Development & Grantwriting News is now available (AppState login required).

Research Development & Grantwriting News is a monthly newsletter produced by Academic Research Funding Strategies. Featured topics in the current issue include:

  • Finding Funding in the Humanities and Social Sciences
    Our humanities expert, Kate Kelly, reviews a recent book by Barbara Walker and Holly Unruh on Humanities and Social Sciences funding.

  • How to Convince Reviewers to Fund Your Proposal 
    What the recently released NSF Merit Review Process Report tells us about how proposals are evaluated.

  • Last-Minute CAREER Checklist
    NSF CAREER proposals are due this week. We provide an updated last-minute checklist for PIs.

  • More on Success in Funding Convergence Research
    We discuss the most important take-aways from the recently published National Academies “Fostering the Culture of Convergence in Research” workshop proceedings.

  • Are You New to the Office of Naval Research?
    Understanding ONR and what they’re looking for. (reprinted)
Published: Jul 22, 2019 12:15pm