NC ACRE collaborative event Feb 14th: Microbiome Research in North Carolina; slides due Feb 6th

NC Advancing Collaborative Research Excellence (NC ACRE) is hosting a collaborative virtual meet-up on Tuesday, February 14 from 12-2PM for the topic of Microbiome Research in North Carolina (Zoom meeting:

NC ACRE welcomes faculty and researchers broadly interested or active in human, animal and environmental microbiome research to join us for this meet-up.  This meet-up will be a mix of quick format researcher introductions moving into moderated break-out rooms supported by NC ACRE volunteers, for researchers to explore de-novo collaborations, and organize for future grant applications. We will also be joined for this session by leadership from the NC Microbiome Consortium who are helping plan and program this quarterly installment. 

Format of the program:

  • Please consider sending one-slide using the attached template to be added to the presenter roster. Each participant will have five-minutes to present this slide at the meet-up. Please return slides by email to no later than Feb 6th to be considered for a speaking slot in the first portion of the meet-up.
  • The NC ACRE steering committee will prepare and circulate forecasted NIH-concept clearances (CC) and/or NSF Dear Colleague Letters (DCL) targeting basic and translational funding opportunities and broadly pertaining to microbiome research; we will also circulate slide titles ahead of the meeting.
  • On Feb 14: 
    • A steering committee member will re-present the concept clearance(s), share the names of cognizant federal officials, identify incumbents (if any), and include other details as available
    • Then, attendees will self-organize into the cross-cutting sub-theme rooms, where the single slide presentations will be presented
    • An NC ACRE volunteer will be in each room to assist in moderation, presentation flow and note keeping
    • Post-meeting, one of the NC ACRE volunteers will in turn be asked to ‘track’ those concept clearances and check in periodically with the teams who emerge out of the session

We've been so honored by everyone's participation in these events over the past, almost 2-years now and look forward to continuing these great conversations about research in these strategically important funding opportunities. 

Nathan Blouin, MBA, CRA
Director, UNC Office of Research Development
(t) 919-962-7504
(m) 857-272-5460
Research Development @ UNC Chapel Hill

Published: Feb 6, 2023 2:24pm