NIH Clarifies Necessary Information Disclosure for “Other Support”

In an effort to strengthen research integrity and security, an article in the most recent NIH Extramural Nexus by Mike Lauer reminds PIs and Institutions of the need to fully disclose Other Support and briefly discusses the penalties for not doing so.

This article clarifies that all PIs must provide the following information:

  • Other NIH grants you have
  • Contracts from another federal agency, private, or nonprofit source
  • Internal/Institutional grants
  • Grants or contracts that go through another institution, including institutions in foreign countries
  • Commercial funds
  • Domestic or international positions held by senior/key personnel
  • In kind lab or office space
  • Scientific materials, even if it has no monetary value

Special note was made to the importance of reporting appointments, non-financial and financial support through foreign institutions.


Published: Jul 15, 2019 8:43am