The Scholarship for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Grant

In order to support the university's ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion efforts, the Office of Research is now accepting applications for a new intramural funding program: The Scholarship for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion grant. This program is supported by the Office of Research in collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Fine and Applied Arts, Walker College of Business, Beaver College of Health Sciences, Reich College of Education, Hayes School of Music, The Honors College, and Belk Library and Information Commons.

This program is intended to support projects & programs that will investigate issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Proposed projects should:

  • include students as active participants in experimental design, data collection, and/or analysis of results.
  • have potential for being expanded upon in the future and/or for encouraging further, externally funded research on diversity and inclusion.

This grant mechanism will fund: research supplies, equipment, or services (e.g. data sets), compensation for subjects, student salaries, travel for purposes of gathering data, consulting archives and collections, assessment for programming, or collaborating with colleagues when necessary.

This grant mechanism will not fund: faculty or staff salaries, conference support, purely instructional projects, or food/drink/entertainment expenses.


  • Tenured and tenure-track faculty members, full-time instructor-rank faculty members, and EHRA administrative staff are eligible to submit proposals.
  • Applicants may be listed (as applicant or co-applicant) on only one proposal under review.

Competition Calendar:

  • 10/1/19 at noon: Grant Deadline via InfoReady Review
  • 10/10/19 at noon: Reviews complete
  • 10/14/19 by 5PM: all applicants notified of status

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Published: Sep 23, 2019 10:25am